Missing Earth

During the Coronavirus era and lockdown, I feel like I am living on a different planet "The Planet Of Isolation", I miss Earth identified by its Moon, We Become Aliens! I am torn slowly between the walls of isolation, even my walls are torn too. I am useless and life now becoming mechanical and we are turning slowly to become robots connected by the internet only!_ Moosa Silwadi. AUG 2020

Media: Handmade Digital Art, created on my phone with just using a stylus pen and drawing application.

Story Behind The Art

A futuristic collection that explores life during the coronavirus era and the effect of enforced isolation and Lockdown and how this imprints itself in our psyche.
We are being physically and mentally torn in our isolation with our lives now being characterized by extreme detachment, withdrawal and anxiety.
Enforced masks, gloves and face shields is the hallmark of this new foreign and hostile environment which has little semblance to our home planet.
Connection, largely limited to isolated online interaction augments our ability to create our own distant encapsulated world and from where we miss our beautiful planet but also hunger for a different life, a different world.

Has our world abandoned us or have we in fact willingly abandoned our own lives?!

A Collection of 12 Digital Sketches done in Lockdown using my phone and stylus pen, show a representation of both humanoid and android like figures torn in their anxiety at the loss of a planet, of a life gone but surviving in their isolation by a connection to a lifeline via the virtual online world.