PART I 1996
In 1996 while working in a Singaporean company Cityneon as an exhibition stands designer.
A bunch of continuous computer paper, which I normally use for sketching, was accidentally cut by my cutter as I was cutting a foam board on my table; that was under the foam board.
The moment I removed the foam board, I realized I had created a mess with multiple cuts and pop-ups of the continuous computer paper. which led me to my first eureka moment.
Developing this algorithm resulted in both paper and aluminum sculptures. 


PART II 2004
An advertisement for an insurance company showed an image of a basic (Square Knot) as a metaphor for the company's relationship with customers as I drove home.
My second eureka moment occurred when I visualized that knot as towers and buildings, which resulted in exhibitions:  2008 infinite line and 2009 knotconstructon



Having gotten married in 2009, I wanted to design the wedding rings, so turning aluminum knot sculptures into jewellery was my third eureka moment.

An innovative ring series was created to replicate the fluidity and curves of knot sculptures

which resulted in the exhibition: 2010 Knot Sci-fi Rings.


PART IV 2011
Do I need to stop considering knots in my designs, definitely "knot". 

I made my ring look like a sculpture when I had to manipulate it to function as a standing sculpture; "since the copyright office wouldn't grant me a copyright for my rings as jewelry items".

Cutting out the middle of the ring keeps the knot in place, but both sides of the ring are now extended to support it, which leads to my fourth eureka moment, the Capsule 001. Thanks to that office clerk who challenged me!

PART V 2019
A knot Sci-fi spaceship was created while branding my products in 2019. 

Space, in general, was chosen as a theme of inspiration, 

The capsule 001 was the catalyst for the idea. What would happen if Capsule 001 flew? What will it look like?  which led me to my fifth eureka moment resulted in the Sci-fi knot spaceships.

PART VI 2020
KNOTTY is my new creation, in 2020 Due to a series of Covid-19 Lock-Downs "Knot-Downs", of living in uncertainty and isolation, KNOTTY was born "knotted".  

It led me to my sixth eureka moment, Knotty character is a true representation of that knot.

PART VII 2020-22
Although being in lockdown is never fun "knot fun!", every day I find myself feeling more and more like I am in a space,"universe!", completely immersed in it.

What are the chances of me being able to draw this universe? The seventh eureka moment came as a result of me asking myself that question.

Consequently, I created many many digital arts on my Note8 Samsung using a stylus pen and professional drawing applications -sadly the screen was damaged when it fell down on December 31, 2022. But I'm still using it for sketching and drawing.

The digital arts were born from the places and spaces I visited every day in my isolation. 

This resulted in online exhibitions: PRE-sepective,  Missing Earth, and [esc].ape..... with more to come!   : )

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” Albert EINSTEIN




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