Limited Edition Of 9 Archival Fine Art Prints Only, Available Now At SAATCHI ART.

FREE DHL SHIPPING- Ships in a Tube, this item will arrive rolled in a dent-resistant tube.

Media: Handmade Digital Art, created on my phone with just using a stylus pen and drawing application.

Story Behind The Art

Because I used to feel as though I was living on a different planet while doing this collection on my phone using stylus pen in the covid-19 lockdown.

Here is a collection that reveals the architecture of an alien colony.

Through isolation and uncertainty, the orientation of different perspectives PRE-Spective invites you to explore and experience architecture differently

Limited Edition Specification  

The Limited Edition Print is printed on Fine Art Archival Paper size 90cm x 90cm, with a white border area of 5 cm. The following information will be handwritten in pencil along the lower white border of the print and on the center backside:

A: The Limited Edition Number (Left). B: The Art Title (Middle). C: Moosa Silwadi Signature (Right).