|008| Android Women In Lockdown

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Couple on the planet of isolation missing earth and connected with each other by internet - MISSING EARTH 001

Available as finished Products at MoosaSilwadi-REDBUBBLE as Framed Art Prints, Photographic Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Postcards and Scarves.

Media: Handmade Digital Art, created on my phone with just using a stylus pen and drawing application.

The Story Behind 

A futuristic collection which explores life during the coronavirus era and the effect of enforced isolation and Lockdown and how this imprints itself in our psyche.

Earth and it's Moon was the inspiration throughout this series, because the lockdown effect feels like i am in different plant looking at earth and its moon.

We become androids and our lives become mechanical, and the only connection we have to one another is the internet! In Covid era, the internet was the lifeblood of humanity.