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PART I 1996

 In 1996 while working in a Singaporean company Cityneon as an exhibition stands designer.

A bunch of continuous computer paper, which I normally use for sketching, was accidentally cut by my cutter as I was cutting a foam board on my table; that was under the foam board.

The moment I removed the foam board, I realized I had created a mess with multiple cuts and pop-ups of the continuous computer paper.

which led me to my first eureka moment. Developing this algorithm resulted in both paper and aluminum sculptures.  

PART II 2004

An advertisement for an insurance company showed an image of a basic (Square Knot) as a metaphor for the company's relationship with customers as I drove home.

My second eureka moment occurred when I visualized that knot as towers and buildings, which resulted in exhibitions: 2008 infinite line and 2009 knotconstructon

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The rochers' flavorful, bouncy, handmade distinction has always stood out as one of our most delectable attributes. A simple and completely retrograde combination of carefully chosen dried fruits, is meant to be eaten either alone or with others.

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